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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Flower Crown Giveaway OMG!

CUTE-NESS OVERLOAD. Sorry but I had to include this pic in this awesome post about pastels. Tumblr I thank you for making this gif.... Anyways lets begin! So the fab people down at Lost lanes agreed on doing a GIVEAWAY with them and said I can giveaway something from there Hair accessories section as they need to boost there sales in that department (Seriously guys I don't know why!) so I said of course, duh! They recommend me some super lush stuff but since Lost lanes sale the best flower crowns ever and I suddenly have a weird obsession with them I thought it would be best to give away one of them. So give a HUGE thank you to Lost lanes! We love you Lost lanes! But I'm not randomly giving away an awesome thing I really want myself. Oh no the reason why is

because on the 28th of February 2014 Another kinda fashion blog will be turning 1! Yay! So as a way of giving back to guys a bit early for clicking my post and loving every bit (Aren't you nice?) I thought I would finally give back. So thanks guys for making this blog have so many followers n' pageviews and stuff. I really appreciate! Oh my days I think I'm gonna cry!
Check out Lost lanes (click)

and don't forget to vote! Winner will be announced on the 4th of February and will win the amazing, pastel flower crown below so make sure you comment with your email on this post. x x
a Rafflecopter giveaway From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. This is a beautiful crown I want it on my head

  2. To the people that have entered: MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT WITH YOUR EMAIL SO I CAN TELL YOU IF YOU WON. Thanks x x x
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  3. Wow! It would be wonderful to win this crown! I'm already thinking of an outfit to match it with!

  4. This is lovely, I had something similar for my wedding 12 years ago and I loved it :)
    email :

  5. Wow.... What a great give-away O:-)


Thanks bruh... XD

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