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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Blogger faves OMG!

Since I have so many favourite blogs and blogger I thought It would be best for me to do a post about them instead of making it take up the whole sidebar of my blog! But your probably thinking I only love fashion blogs. Well NO sireeee! I love most types of blogs which is why I have categorised my top 5 blog in to Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle with there links included so you can check them out to. Since it's a new year I thought I would try some new post ideas as I think it will be more fun and so I don't bore you with the same posts all the time! And I really do need to update my favourite clothes post because there's been a lot of new clothes since then! Please comment if you have any suggestions for some post that I should do and lets check out my fave blogs. Let go:
In no order here are my top 2 (Don't really read beauty blog as Iv'e kinda just noticed!) Beauty blogs/bloggers
Jessica Cotton for the GREAT beauty blog: Made you look (Her adventures with Mac!)
Rachel from the best teen blog ever and head of nail company RCouture :Oh hey Rachel

 My top 5 Lifestyle blogger that I love
TGWTBC'S (The one in the tiger dress) from the great blog:

 Funny and weird India Foxx from: DIARY OF A TEEN IDLE

Isabella Toomer an average teen girl from: AVERAGE TEEN BLOGGER

Miss Majestic true dancing queen and bag organiser from: MISS MAJESTIC

I LOVE this blog! She's a food/style/fashion/lifestyle blog with 4 super cute kids and an amazing style. Emily from: THE FRECKLED FOX

These are my top 5 best fashion/ Style blogs that I could not live without!

Johanna Payton (First fab blogger I interviewed on my blog) a great blog that I've met in the flesh many a time and her blog is just amazing. Food, fashion, kids and life is what she's all about!

Only found this blog a couple months ago but It's easily one for ma faves!

My favourite pink-haired Pokémon loving style blogger from Reading

Half Chinese blogger from the UK posting about her amazing style and the blogger events she attends on the way... It's Leanne Lim-Walker!

Teen blogger from the UK with an awesome grunge/hipster style (And a love of Urban Decay products)

 So there you have it! My favourite blogs. It was hard but I managed to pick my top five from each category! I did have to leave out a couple blogs on the way.... but I still love them! I have great blogger taste right!?
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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