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Friday, 27 December 2013

What I got for Christmas OMG!

I hope you guys had a great Christmas and a great Boxing day. I got quite a lot this year which, I still have a grin about. My mum keeps on going on about how she spoilt me and and didn't realise until Christmas that I got a lot of stuff from other people. So I hope your stocking was full this year an your tree was resting on the prezzies beneath it! Again like the Christmas tag I did Iv'e seen this "What I got for christmas" going around Youtube. So I thought hey let me just write one instead of making a video and, hazah, BAZINGA! Bam, here came this post. So click to check out what I got and where you can get em'. WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS AWESOME SHOES, EYE LIFTING EYE SHADOW AND COLAR TIPS. It's amazeboz

I think if someone asked me what my top 5 gifts were it would have to be, in no order my Nike blazers, My Air Maxes, Avon choker necklace, Hudl, and my New look Side bag! But that was hard to decide. Because I love everything I got. So, family if your reading: THANK YOU! Now guys feast your eyes on this Christmas haul thing:
7. Avon Colar tips
10. Anew Eye lifting eyeshadow, Avon 

14. Okay sorry this is the last thing!
Gold choker necklace, Avon
15. Hudl @ Tesco, £119 (Purple)
16. Nike Air max 90 @ Kickz, £103.11 
17. Vaseline @ Superdrug, £5
18. Pitch perfect @ Tesco, £7
19. High wiasted skinny jeans Dorothy Perkins, £28
20. The proposal @ Tesco, £3
21. Gingerbread man flannel, Body shop
22. New look side bag, £12.99
 I hope you guys got JUST (or more) as much prezzies as I did. I'm so grateful and I think The first Christmas on Another kinda fashion blog was successful! 
And guys; I finally got my hands on a fluffy jumper. T.K Maxx
Merry Christmas week
From Another kinda fashion blogger x 

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