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Monday, 9 December 2013

Swagga like us OMG!

Today I felt awesome! Because today I got my Christmas jumper which was just as awesome as I felt! I'm so glad I finally got my hands on a Christmas jumper, and for cheap to. Let me tell you how my story began....

I went to Surrey Quays with my good friend when I found a not 1 but TWO very, very cheap shops that were jam packed with fluffy jumpers and Christmas ones to. So of course my natural instinct was to run in with my purse already open checking out all the stuff. EVERYTHING WAS £5! YES that's right £5! Except for some of the new stuff which was understandable because they were great! I instantly bough one which I LOVE and wished I could wear everyday! So I left with a great Jumper for a great price. Oh right let me tell, wait SHOW you just how wonder full it is:
JUST what I was looking for! A jumper with a christmassy look with that Knitwear touch. And For £7 who could disagree hey?! 
You can tell she loves her penguins! (Mind our school uniform!)

From a jolly kinda fashion blogger x


  1. ahmagawd! you went shopping without me! OFFENDED!!! u look awesome!!!
    anyway, like movies, come see my blog,


Thanks bruh... XD

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