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Friday, 13 December 2013

Suede trainers for xmas OMG!

I'm sorry but my life has just been taking over by school and Youtube, (Blame Dan and Phil!) I'm sorry okay! Anyway.... There is something on my Christmas list (No not a Hudl or Air maxes) and that is the FAB Puma suede trainers. Yes trainers that are suede! Who would of thought of it?! I know I'm already getting shoes for Xmas (Mum I saw the Nike box) but a girl can never have too many shoes. Never. Also since Timberland's were WAYYYYY out of the picture (Gosh I'm not that rich guys) I thought hey lets just ask for some shoes that are just as awesome but not £100. and ladies, this is what I found!

Puma, £45

 Puma, £50 Hey I'll be The Girl with the Burgundy Puma's (Okay sorry that just doesn't work!)

Puma, £55 


Puma @ Office, £54 

 Puma @ Office, £69.99

Loving this shade of grey!  Puma @ Office, £54.99 

 I got add a lil colour....  Puma, £55

WAIT! I can only have one? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????
From another kinda fashion blogger x

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