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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It was CRAY OMG!

Merry Christmas everyone! Okay so it's not Christmas BUT today was the day of my fabulous Christmas party that the Fabulous: Josie, Carols, Amy, TGWTBC, Tallulah , And the GREAT Chantelle above attended.  We ate loads of food got drunk on Coca cola and lemonade and of course opened a billion prezzies. We partied hard like there was no tomorrow and sang along to "All I want for Christmas" like we could never sing again. Ah the good times..... But sadly it had to end (An hour after it was supposed to!) and we had to go home (well they did) with our Christmas cards and gifts flooding out of our hands. SUCH FUN!

TGWTBC was rocking out my Lipsy onesie (and my socks!) 
Mrs Claus and Tallulah looking like a weirdo.... (she's the one behind)
Why is it when I take a pic my hair is like always suddenly messy! 

Mind my school skirt guys! Jumper courtesy of my Mother. 
And I know, the glasses really don't match my jumper! 

#selfie hah!
See, it was AMAZEBOZ and uber-awesome! Well that was until I saw the aftermath
                                                        8 more sleeps! 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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