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Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Jumpers at School OMG!

NEWS! In a couple weeks my school are holding a #MakeTheWorldBetterWithASweater day so this will be very exciting! We can wear anything (Well..) but at least one thing needs to be christmassy. So I'm kicking out my Baubles earring from Claire's and spill out the wonga on a Xmas jumper. Oh how this will be fun hey? And on that day I'm planning my Annual Christmas party so a post is GUARANTEED. So count down the days for access to funny pics, Awesome Jumpers and other great content that will be in the post. But for now lets just focus on this post!

I have been looking all over the web to find that great jumper for me and on a low budget to. I know my friend spent £25 on one and I really don't want to spend as much as she did (Girl you know who you are!). Well I always have Primark!  In the end after searching high and low I came across these... ah there just perfect! But Before I start, does anyone else love these ASDA tops?
Coca Cola @ ASDA, £6 *both tops* 
 Let the magic begin
Elf... Boohoo, £15

Urban Outfitters, £40

ASOS, £30 

River island, £25

Topshop, £55 Rudolph...
River island, £25

If I was a man.... Then YE-AH! ASDA, £14
OMG, same! Number 1 by far (Sorry everyone) 
Boohoo, £18 
Tis the season
From Another kinda fashion blogger x 

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