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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Rise of the double bun OMG!

Blame Miley. Blame her for making double a thing (again), you can also blame her for a lot of other things that ruin our society but I won't get on to that! DBS (Double bun syndrome) is a horrible thing that makes you feel the urge to copy Miley and her hair style (s) which, as you can imagine is really bad! And guess what? Miley's bad hair days have had an impact on the fashion industry as well! With photographers actually WANTING there clients to look like they couldn't be bothered to do there hair look! Why? Why/ Oh why world!? Why can't we go back to the days where Miley Cyrus (Or as must of us know her as: Hannah Montanna) looked like this:
 OMG, I had this book! (Don't judge I was only like 8) 

 And the days where she could actually do this with her hair: 
Oh no. She has only corrupted the innocent minds (and hair) of kids and people, oh no! She has ruined celebs hair to! From Katy Perry To poor old Rita,

She has ruined it. : 
Celebs (ruined) 

Okay I'm not entirely sure if this was Miley's fault as i think Gwen was a bit before her time....

Fashion industry (ruined)

Cara not you too!?

Fellow folk... (ruined)

Look at the colour of her hair! Okay because her hair colour is awesome she's off  the hook! 
Guys even dogs have fallen under her spell: 
But I guess we, well I can't blame EVERYTHING on Miley/Hannah. I mean she couldn't of turned everyone into double bun freaks. Could she? Me thinks not guys! So lets lay of Miley a bit (at least for the hair thing anyway) so lets lay off the accusations folks! I guess they don't look that bad.... Oh who am I kidding! But something tells me Miley didn't start this trend alone..... Maybe it was

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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