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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Live mint OMG!

I'm seriously lusting over Nike air maxes especially there new "Flight" range! I mean there defo going on my Christmas list (wait did I just say Christmas? yes I did!) guys. Plus at my school when ever it's own clothes day you just see some air maxes walking around the school grounds so has one not been taunted enough? Well I think so! That's why tonight I indulged myself in the great shoes and wishing they where all mine. MINE! So thank you Nike for making my life worthless by bringing out shoes I can not yet have. Life is a misery without the lovely trainers that make every outfit complete

*JD Nike Air Max Flight, £85*

I love these metallic, brown (and gold) shoes amazing for this AW trend of bright and shining armor (shoes). JD, £97 

These may be the only shoes in the universe that have gold laces. ASOS, £100 

These grey and orange shoes are lush! ASOS, £100 

The black n' white range: 
JD, £97

These are my FAV! Nike, £140

So over all we know that Nike do AMAZEBOZ shoes and I don't have any. Well I will! Soon....
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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