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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Beanie days...OMG!

*Forever 21, £8.40* Giddy gosh it's about time this post happened! Beanies have been on the seen since September and I'm only just posting about it now. Lousy blogger. Bit seriously aren't they just amazing? I love them! There just fun to wear and comfy too! Best worn over hair that's down/out (otherwise you look like you have a bit of a deformed head, trust me!) and keeps you warm in the winter so it's a win win! But I think we all know who started this trend (No not RiRi or Cara!) 
Do be warned this post contains twerk hats and dimple piercings

It's the queen of beanies, the lover of all thing bean! Of course Rita. I'm mean she lucky enough being together with best DJ ever, Calvin Harris but she also has the gift of looking awesome in a beanie. What else could a gal ask for? Actually a lot. Like more beanies!

£10, ASOS 

 £9.99,  ASOS
Dream but do not sleep, £9.99

My cousin is rocking out her AWESOME beanie from River island! Do you agree?? Beanie below in small! 

River island, £10

I even found hat for Miley hey? River island, £12  

H&M, £7.99

it's kinda nearly christmas guys! What did you expect? River island, £10

Wooo! I didn't got too over the top! Well I hope I didn't. So there is my cut of the best beanies ever and of all time.  Although I'm still in love with my plain but effective navy beanie from good ol' New look. But anyway.... I hope you can use this post to the best of your abilities girlies! You should. 


Code RED I repeat code RED! There something we should all know. It's something we should have in our closets/draws/whatever you store your hat in. And if Cara has it we all gotta have it! 
It.s of course the AMAZEBOZ Trapstar beanie that all the celebs (and us commoners) love! 
eBay, £13.99 

Amanda of course! Ooh check out that dimple piecing 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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