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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Amy, It's your birthday OMG!

Today was the birthday (party) of my good ol' friend Amy. Its was great! I was fashionably late (as per usual) and look great for the occasion, well I think I did! I went for a Vintage glamour look so I took the chance to kick out my Casio* watch which, just like my face you can't see in any of the pics :( (BAD PHOTOGRAPHER!) But except from that the party was amazing and so was the movie. Oh, What movie you ask, well only the one and only

Hunger Games: Catching fire 
It was GREAT I loved it and I'm still debating on whether it was better than the first one though as there just so amazing! Plus the fashion was amazing and outrages and you could tell the costume designer put in a lot of effort, which is a the best quality a movie should have. 
Film Fashion: 8/10 
Overall Rating: 7/10 
I would of given it a 9 defo, BUT the ending really ruined it for me so sorry Katniss maybe next time, hey! 
Best fashion moments: 
 We love you Effie!

 Katniss= Style Effie= AMAZEBOZ weirdness 

Overall the movie was great and I think we all had a good time! Happy bday Amy Gibbs. And don't worry Next weeks #ForeverFashionista will be revealed but for now she is on a bit of a break!

 Coat- Freemans 
Bag- River island
Shoes- Converse
Leggings- Primark
Watch-  Casio* It's unseen but there! image below
and again (sorry I just love the pic)

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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