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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Spooky session: Pink gone wrong OMG!

Oh no. This post is not to slag off the lovely Cara! No no no. This post is to show you how Rita Ora killed her friendship with fashion after wearing a horrible, pink spacesuit/Onesie/ugly-ness thing at a music festival! I saw it on Google images and I am now scared for life. On this blog I have decided (as it's nearly Halloween) that I would create a as spooky session. Post all about the most ugliest things fashion has ever seen! The worst fashion crimes in the book of fashion (Vogue) and just plain vomit worthy nasty-ness! And since the #ForeverFashionista has been cancelled till Halloween I though this would be a perfect thing to do! So this will be filling your brains instead! Are you ready for this weeks spooky session?????

 Yes I know that was just a pink overload! I'm just so shocked she would dare wear this when she has the most famous fashionista in town as a bestie (No not me Cara! But I can see how you could get confused my darlings!) And you know whats worse! 10 times worse! She is turning into Miley!
Well thanks Miley, thanks for possesion normal and awesome peoples brains with your stupid tongue-nonsense! Thanks a lot. But seriously what is it with her and her tongue:
So Miley here is some advice:
And Rita you have done a really bad thing, know not to do it again okay?
Nope. Not even the puppy eyes will work this time Rita! 

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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