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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Red the colour of blood, oooh OMG!

Red. A colour that is spooky, elegant, gory, fabulous, party-inspired and amazing! Something associated with Halloween, glamour and sometimes cheeky and slightly sexy (AKFB this needs to be appropriate for all ages!) but we all need a bit of red in our lives.... Even if it isn't Red nose day! And since party season IS upon us and it is our duty to (Who made the fab dress above for £55.00) to party in style we need to get our red on! With the glitz n' glam from Pink boutique we are gonna look amazeboz and beautiful in there drop dead, gorge stuff! So get ready for ready folks because there some red explosions about to go * Puts on cowboy accent on* down! 

Glad you have joined...
 Lipsy, £65.00 

River island, £75.00

OMG I love this chain... Topshop, £12.50 

Pink boutique, £19.95

Who doesn't need a fluffy, red (well kinda burgundy) Bolero!? River island, £80.00

Lipsy, £65.00 

Both gorge and both: Pink boutique, £39.95 
So there is A BIT of red for you so you can look like a vampire (hot) this party season my dolls! 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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