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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Zatchels with some Arctic Waters OMG!

Yes guys its time again for my post all about... My AVON ORDER! Yah! So my post is all about What I got and a fab company I found called Zatchel! They are just like Cambridge satchels but... better and cheaper! It's like Tatty devine and Sour cherry all over again! They do ALL kinds of shapes, shades and designs for there satchels! Check them out here: ZATCHELS (Nice ring to it right?) But first Avon
Sp this week I ordered I fab Avon nailpolish in a lovely blue shade Artic waters! Its kinda metalic-y and shiny! I also ordered another bottle of the great crazy hair tamer! Seriously guys this stuff is amazing and I am know on my 4th or 5th bottle (addicted alert!) !

Nice? I feel this is more of a wintry shade but It will also work in the summer too! I just love Avon nailpolish to much! I buy SO many I have like a wardrobe full (okay again with the lie's akfb! BAD, BAD!) 

You will probably be seeing that nailpolish in another post so keep a goooood look out! Now for the Zatchel! I just really love that name, it has a really nice ring to it! They have great satchels at quite good prices for quality leather product's so here's my cut!
This would look great with my monochrome leggings right? I think so! Zatchel, £114.00

What a great idea! Covering leather with denim, okay I do admit that sound kinda of weird and really sarcastic but believe me it's not and I'm not trying to be! Zatchels, £114.00

I know the Union jack on clothes is considered "Chavy" but... Some how they (Zatchel) have manage to pull it off, and a good job at it! £119.00

You know me and multi coloured stuff and if you don't then you should! £115.00

They also do saddle style bags to and this one has defo taken my heart (That was so cheesy and I'm sorry!)
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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