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Friday, 5 July 2013

World Book day OMG!

Don't you dare! Dont' dare not click this post because you think it looks rubbish and "kidish"! Because no way is it! Far from it... Actually. Despite the cover pic it has nothing to do with little kids and non-awesome stuff! Well in a sense it is about kids but not "kiddy-kids" It more "Teeny-teens!" It isn't actually world book day today but are school moved it because construction work was going on! Were all ready! So get ready for a post about dress up-ness! YAH! Jam-packed with onesie wearing geeks, Jacqueline Wilson characters and evil, gone mad ballet dancers! Are you ready? Are you? No seriously are you? Because you better be!
First up: 
Goddess of doom (Okay not true!)

Yes! It's the girl with the BC'S! She has come as a greek goddess, well we don't know which one but...probs not Zeus! Check out her blog:
Next up: 
It seems as though Tiger has come off the set of Winnie the pooh to have little break! Get back on set you! 

Don't give me that look....! 
Next up: 
Coroline Jones

Hey look! It's Coroline! One thing I must say.... Why did you go through that teeny door!? Why?#
Next up: 
The Just me's

Loving the shirt! Fro some reason I'm having a absolute crave for shirts! Hence being happy I got an AX paris denim one!

Simple yet pretty! PLUS!!! She is wearing Converse so of course she is the best like ever!
Next up: 
Geek 1

I have never seen a geek wear Michael Jordans, but I think they should do! This geek looks like she is ready for a sleepover! Grab your pillows girlies (and your Vogue mags!)! 

Next up: 
Geek 2 
I think (don't tell jade!) Deandra is the best geek I have ever seen! and I'm loving the glasses and freckles courtesy of some black eyeliner! 
Next up: 
? (sorry but I don't actually have a clue! But i love the outfit!) 
I just loved her fluffy hair! CUTE!

Next up:
A fab girly girl from Mean girls 2

I'm loving those Heeled trainers! Check out her blog all about her failures! Okay it does sound mean but once you read it you will get what I mean!


So there you have it guys! I had a, a really great and very belated World book day! You want to know who I came as well.... I came as the black swan 


I wore a black tu-tu, black vest and my black converse. I know, I know! Ballet dancers (especially the ones dancing to Swan lake) don't wear converse  but I don't have ballet pumps and I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Wait, wait, wait! I forgot something! A very small but somehow big thing! The fairy! 

Yes, I literally mean a fairy! Now show your magic, give me some Christian Louboutins please ASAP! 

Black and patent please! Christian Louboutins, £545.00 

From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. great post! love the first dress.

    check out my blog and follow if you like? :)

  2. Thankz! I will tell her! did you check out her blog? ;) Also have you checked out my giveaway were you could win some on-trend OASAP leggings! Check it out! LOVE the your blog! Love the green shorts in your latest post
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  3. Love how those girls are rockin thier personal style!


  4. I will tell them! LOVE the blog! Make sure you enter the OASAP giveaway!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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