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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Topshop's secret garden OMG!

No. Topshop haven't actually got a secret garden. And no. This post is not about gardens, nature and loads of other un-important stuff! I am talking about Topshop amazing NEW range of floral wear for the summer! They are doing some REALLY great stuff! Normally I don't really go for Topshop unlike The girl with the BC's and Fashion detective who are NUTS for em' but I have to admit some of there clothes are very nice and, dare I say it better then, ooh I can't... New look! But only in some cases! Defo not all the time. I really love this new range and of course I would as, My name is Another kinda fashion blogger and I'm a floral fanatic! Don't forget guys that you only have TWO DAYS LEFT  to vote on whether your A Tatty girl or a Sour girl on the pole or by commenting; PLUS don't forget to enter the Oasap legging giveaway! Now on with the silky floral kimono's (oops I have said to much...)

This is the FAB silk kimono style jacket available at Topshop, NOW! Topshop, £28.00 

 Topshop, £10.00  

LOVING the Harlem pants-fever going on here! Tophop, £28.00 

I just LOVE these bold colours. The intensity of the leaves and the bright blue are mouth watering worthy! Topshop, £68.00

Okay and then I got a bit naughty. This isn't floral, I know but I just couldn't leave em' out 

Topshop,  £28.00 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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