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Saturday, 6 July 2013


It's my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY! I thought this day would never come, well kinda! Finally you get something in return for looking, loving and reading this blog! There are just a couple of little steps you have to take to be in the chance of winning FAB OASAP leggings just right for the summer! From Geometric to galaxy print leggings they have all of them and now you can get your hands all over them! Make sure you take a look at OASAP and if you want you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook don't forget Pintrest! Shipping is worldwide and of course free! Here are the simple steps on how too win some AMAZEBOZ Oasap leggings!

Fashionista's listen up: It involves FREE clothes! 
  1. Follow me on Twitter or GFC which is available on the sidebar :) 
  2. Comment on which your fav leggings are and your Fav summer trend and why! (So Aztec or Perspex!) 
  3. And in the comment please leave your email so I can notify you if you have one the goodies! 
 If you don't want to put your personal, private email on public places (My blog!) Then feel free to email me your fav leggings and summer trend (Then I will have your email!) Email me at: Below are the the leggings that you can win!

So... Excited! Because I am! Make sure you do all this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE  as the Competition end on MONDAY 15TH JULY 2013 so hurry! The best reason for why you like your fav summer trend will win the competition and a pair of OASAP leggings, lucky you! So get commenting for your chance to win! Please can you click either the OASAP banner on the sidebar or the one below as I need at least 60 clicks to reach the requirements to be able to give you lucky peeps your leggings!

OASAP - Street Fashion Women's Clothing Online 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x



    The Galaxy leggings are my favourite because they start off with a piercing black but the colours really brighten it up! my favourite summer trend is NEON! I especially love neon orange and yellow! I think a piece of neon can brighten up a whole outfit, even if it is all black! I have a neon orange satchel that I bought in Spain that I use almost every weekend!

    Love Always,


  2. the leggings at the very top was my favourite.

  3. My email is

    I would get these!
    The galaxy leggings!

    I would get these because they are such beautiful colors mixed and tousled into a pair of leggings! They make me feel good when wearing them, and they are also a beautiful sight ^^ It's like being out on a warm summer night! Speaking of that I like the trend is Perspex! It's very beautiful also with a hint of unique you can't find elsewhere~

  4. I would love to get this leggings
    I want this coz I love the aztec print, it can also pair with any shirt and it is fashionable

  5. I love the polar lights,they are so versatile and I can really wear them with anything and feel cute at the same time. Peep toe Boots, platform heels, flat strappy sandals and even really cute wedge would go with them perfectly.

    elle (at)

  6. Hey! My email is
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. I'd rather Aztec because they are more colorful and perfect for summer!

  8. I want the 3rd leggings! I think it's cool.

  9. I LOVE the galaxy leggings!! The way the colours all blend together I think really work together. Any fashion item that has anything to do with space is awesome! They are also extra awesome as they have purple and blue on them, my favourite colours! The colours are piercing and bright! My favourite summer trend is skater girl. I'm always on the hunt for anything skatery! :)

  10. GL/congrats to the winner of the leggings. Will there be any future giveaways for 2014? :]


Thanks bruh... XD

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