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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My wardrobe Fav's OMG!

Well! This is a change! I have NEVER EVER done one of these before! So don't laugh at this post if its bad, okay! I just thought it's good to make changes as changes are good and I thought this like the best idea ever! OKay not the best idea ever, ever but you know what I mean! Don't forget guys to enter the Oasap giveaway!  So This idea came into my head ages ago and finally I have had time to post! I think I have norrowed it down to 7-8 fav things from my wardrobe so get ready to see some very, very, very AMAZEBOZ clothes! 
I absolutely LOVE this top I got 4 DG top for my birthday last year from my dad (isn't he awesome?) And yes guys DG not D&G, you will see why...

David and Goliath! 
You have seen this before... Its my AX paris top thou got for there b-day! I just love it! I'm am soundly going absolute crazy for these! 
You have also seen this mini monochrome skirt before haven't you! H&M 

My next FAV thing is my Ralph Lauren jeans! I love the shade of blue and the fade out effect around the knee area! I'm a sucker for flares so these were the jeans for me! Here are the fancy dancy pockets... 

Oooh I have gone all designer on you lot! 

Pastel, denim and from New look! What else could make any other clothing better! These are the perfect traits for clothes! 

I really love the cut-off and ruffled effect on the arms 

I really do love my green/grey army style jumper-top from T.k maxx! 

Here is the detail or the top just in case you didn't know that those rips were purposely put there! 
So there it is! My FAV clothes from my wardrobe! Plus guys there are 4 more days left to vote on whether your a sour girl or a Tatty girl so get voting on the poll at the top of each post! 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. OMG what cool clothes. interested in fashion? then come down to
    from bella's beautiful fashion.

  2. LOVE the blog! Thankz! I think there cool to!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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