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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Last post (kinda!) OMG!

Yes its a bye, bye from me. Okay this isn't the last post guys! Sorry if I scared you (The picture sure doesn't help with trying to put you at ease!)! It is  the last post for 3 days! As you guys may know as I have mentioned it before, I am going to France for 3 days and I leaving tomorrow... *Grabs some Cushelle tissue from the bathroom* I will posting about it when I come back. I have picked the best of the best outfits for it and I have my French dictionary at the ready! Know the results are in and... Sour Cherry are the winners!!!! Yes the Sour girls have bagged it! It was very close and thank you to all who had there say via the poll and twitter :) Now feast your eyes on some AWESOME SC jewelry! I LOVE YOU SOUR CHERRY!!!

I really love the colour scheme! Plus... Buntans are awesome! £9.95

Nice green right? £25.00 

Lets get some... Some, um FRUIT! 

Banana's for these banana's! £6.95 Sorry that was just to cheesy and rubbish! Gosh if I keep on saying these REALLY bad jokes I should think about writing for Penguin bars! 


Lets- lets just have the whole bowl of fruit peeps! 

And this is why Sour cherry won! £19.95 
From Another kinda fruity blogger (Really akfb, really?!) x

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