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Thursday, 18 July 2013

It was time to get my French accent on OMG!

I came back from France yesterday, and let me just tell you it was AMAZING! I LOVED it there and will defo be going there again! I also went to Belgium too but sadly I didn't have Flemish dictionary (Do they even have those?)  I missed you guys SO much my lovely fashionista's! P.S The winner for the OASAP legging giveaway will be revealed later on this week and you will get a notification to say whether you have won or not! I had a really good time there and it was SO hot. But amazing and best of all there were Sales which meant: um duh... SHOPPING TIME! First things  first are my French essentials that you can't leave behind! N-E-V-E-R...

My "Malibu babes" Sun lotion 

My really cool (maybe not!) Sketch book 

My reading machine (also known as a Nook simple touch Glowlight! Also... E-reader) 

And most important.... Passport! *Case from Paperchase*

and phone, food and camera!

Know I told you I packed the best of the best outfits but sadly some of my REALLY awesome ones I couldn't wear because it was JUST to HOT! There  was a like BAM it is hot today on my face EVERY-SINGLE-DAY... anyway enough about it reaching 35 degree's and don't get me started on the heat of the coach. No seriously don't get me. 
Day 1 :) 
Checking out a World War 1 muesum 


 Nothing to do with World war one but who would leave this very awesome chandelier out of a post! Who?

Sorry the pic is blury, The girl with the BC's took it, um blame her! LOL! 
Top, AX Paris 
Leggings, New look 
Bag, Ted baker,
Sunglasses, new look 
Shoes, Converse 
We did about 7 things on the first day but that was a little taster! Here are some pics of my very comfy and homly Hotel room: 

Some wall art to complete the awesome-ness of the Hotel room. 
The first day was packed and was very fun, plus we got to do a little shopping here and there and I bought some stuff (or two!) 
A true statement that everyone should honour. Claire's, £2.50 

a t-shirt from H&M (Sorry couldn't get a pic) plus... 

... There was a really big summer sale in Esprit so what could a girl like me do! 

(Top) Esprit, £13.73 in Yellow :)

I also got chocolate some AWESOME sunglasses, 2 post cards, and half a slushy!

Next stop: 
Day 2 
Memorial site 

Top: H&M 
Shorts: Primark 
Bag: (The one in the distance...) Ted baker 
and sandals... 

From New look (Sorry for the cracked nails look! I didn't think I need Barry M's Crackle effect nail polish that day! 

And after, we all visited a nice... Okay HORRIBLE restaurant (Flunch) And saw this in a shop window...


Day 3 
Last day :( We went to a ceremony remembering those who fought in the World war one.



 So that was how life was is France! I would defo go back there and It was lovely staying there! Thankz to my School for making this all happen! Hope you guys enjoyed your little taster of France and love this post! 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


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  2. Thankz so much for nominating me!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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