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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Gelly Haul OMG!

Feels like I haven't posted in AGES right!? I recently went to H&M up in Oxford street (3 floors of FAB!) and loved there varsity range! They are on top with the American style and I just loved it! Check out there range....

Just some Aztec goodness

of course the blue lippy mannequin! 

 I just really love this graffiti print skater skirt! 2 of my fav things combined

It'$ ju$t AWE$OME! *Images all taken at H&M store*

If you love this varsity inspired clothing then check out my outfit down at fashiolista! (Hover over the pic to use the arrows and click) 
Then I went upstairs.... There was a sale that had just been added! Awesome clothes reduced from £12.99 to £3.00.... I couldn't help my self! I was going crazy!!! Here is what I bought. (WITH HELP FROM  MY MUM'S PURSE) 


£3.00 (My mum bought it for me as a surprise!)

and my FAV..... 

But there is a beauty product thats has caught my eye. It's not Maybelline's Baby lips range (But you should know that I bout "Pink punch" today and I LOVE it!) Its BarryM's gelly nail polish!
See everyone likes it! Although I did feel like doing this dance when I first saw them! 
It meant to stay on for at least 2 weeks because of the jelly that is mixed with the paint/ nail liqueur. They come in really fun, bright colours and defo get noticed be people! I also love his NEW nail effect range because it reminds me of Ice cream :)
Here are my top 3 shades of BarryM gelly nail polish full of summery fun!:  


At £3.99 this bright, neon orange nail polish is perfect for summer and would really catch some people attention! It's ever lasting and show stopping to! Shade name: Papaya available at Superdrug 


I really love this pink and think it's a MUST-HAVE! You can wear it at a picnic and it could really liven up your outfit! Shade name: Pink available at Superdrug, £3.99 

This is my all-time fav shade of all nail polish! I don't think I have ever come across this shade until know and this nail polish could make a goth's outfit into the most colorful one someone has ever seen! I great and AMAZEBOZ shade that is truly for the summer! (Thats why I bagged it and Maybelline's Baby lips at Super drug today!) £3.99 Shade name: Greenberry 

Wearing shades: Greenberry (Number 1) and Papaya (Number 3) also the nail effect polish that looks like Ice cream...
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. lovely pics <3 great choices!
    happy august!
    check out my July favorites:

    1. Thankz! Ha not yet! LOVE the blog!
      From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  2. I see H&M products everywhere I look on the blogsphere! Saddly, we haven't any store in Brazil, which makes me so jealous of you! Good choices!

    Thank you for answering me back on IFB in a so funny and kind way! :)


  3. Oh! They sould defo put some H&M in Brazil! Your welcome, no problem!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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