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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Denim shirts= Happy fashionista's OMG!

Motel rocks, £35.00

Denim is just as guilty as American fashion!  It has been taking over stores and filling bags everywhere since Spring! And the thing that most people are buying into are the Denim shirts! Yep and I must say I absolutely LOVE them! they are multi wearable, jacket or top! You pick. Even The girl with the BC's couldn't resist one after she saw my AX Paris denim shirt on our trip to France (And mi leggings to!) Who wore it best.... 


Nah! Come on we both rock it out! *From http// *

So I have searched around the world (okay not literally!) well more like Motel rocks, Pink boutique, New look and Asos and picked the finest to suit my readers! So start checking your piggy banks and take out your Debit cards from your Pauls boutique purses because these are mouth watering! 

Asos, £26.00 

This gives a hint of 60's look for me with the floral smothered effect. Asos, £35.00

I really love the grungy effect this shirt has to it Mee mee, £30.00

Motel Rocks, £40.00  NOW: £20.00 (Y-E-S!) 

Very feminine with the lace and light denim, Asos, £38.00

New look, £7.00  

Just love it! Thank you all might Motel! Thou does rock! Motel rocks, £45.00 

Topshop have a polka face! LOL! Topshop, £42.00

Okay I know its not a shirt but...Come on! How could I leave all alone.. Pink boutique, £24.95 

Pink boutique, £29.95
So there you have it! Credit craving denim shirts (and dresses!) ready to be added to your baskets.
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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