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Friday, 26 July 2013

And other days you just might get a skateboard OMG!

 It is true! Some days you might just get a skateboard. Due to the fact that the night before, lets say you went to London south bank, gazed upon the dozen or more skateboarders and loved there tricks, flips and style's. Well I did anyway thankz to Sports direct and there GREAT sale! Check out my awesome Samurai ninja skateboard, tots rad!

But the header of the post pic isn't matching what i'm talking about! Well it is now guys. During my Summer holiday (That started last week Friday) I will be doing a little more post on make-up and a teeny weeny less on fashion (but not that less probs the same!) It also means there will be more post's because one has more time to yap on about fashion , make-up and Mallzee! Now to follow through with my make-up project and promise to my readers I will begin with the beauty talk...

Maybelline @ Superdrugs, £2.99 
These lip balms have been the craze in America and are finally hitting the beauty store of England or London anyway. I am so excited and happy and I know I seem like a loser getting as happy as I child getting a new toy about lip balm but this is no ordinary lip balm.... (Hah i sound like the inside of a Ted baker bag!) 
This lip balm gives you hydration and moisture for 8 HOURS! Plus providing colour and flavour such as: 

Superdrugs, 2.99 (There are MANY other flavours/scents!) 
 and also for repair needing lips: 
And I believe Superdrug are the first to stock em', yay! Thats why on Tuesday I went on a scavenge hunt for them but sadly the hadn't stocked them yet... :( So instead I came home with a FAB lipgloss my MUA
MUA @ Superdrug, £2.00

*Thats my hand :)* 
If you loved the pic at the top of the post then you will LOVE the rest of my sets down at Polyvore! Check them out and follow me here:
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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