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Sunday, 30 June 2013

What that girl did with a New look card OMG!

That girl is SO lucky! By the way that girl is me! This was one of my birthday prezzies! Yes I got a £20.00 new look gift card for my birthday and we all know how happy I MUST have been getting this! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE New look. They are my fav shop and there prices are reasonable but most of the time VERY cheap! So today I was browsing at there clothes for teens and women, looking at ALL 4,119 of them and had to narrow down my pics to 3 things that are tots lush! It was very hard and once I had narrowed down lets say about 20 things (Don't judge me!) to about 10-11 a lot of them were out of stock
or weren't my size! NOOOO! But I have succsesfully found 3 thrings that are perfect and are a bargain that no one could ever miss and if they did... well they would probably cry, literally. I'm being serious. Plus I am going to *tries to put on a French accent* France on 15th July so I have to have the best of the best clothes if I'm going to a country with a fashion capital in it! I'm not going to Paris though, all will be revealed in a later post nearer the time! Now to get on with the show!
-FASHION FLASH! This would go perfect with burgundy converse and some black leggings! I bet the girl with the Burgundy Converse would love this! I would probably wear a black vest underneath as... 

It has an awesome (and reaviling!) Cut out back! This was a great bargain at just five quid! £5.00, New look 
WAS £9.99 

Okay so I know Monochrome is long gone but I never really got to get my hands on anything monochrome-y ( okay that a lie but...Oh well!) I got this awesome mini skirt from H&M 

With a snazzy zip at the back! Snazzy indeed. I also have a bright blue on also from H&M 
Back to the leggings

Here is the detail of the strips!  These mono delight leggings are just £6.00 in the sale from being £12.99! 

and the last thing which is a true bargain! And my utter fav...The dress..

This AMAZEBOZ and FAB skater inspired graffiti dress is just..... wait for it.... £8.00! This lustful dress was £16.99 but know just £8.00! 

All these amazing things were in the sale at New Look check out there Truly amazing, well  from these things think you get that there sales are the best ever sale. Sorry to say that if you were looking forward to this weeks Hollyoaks weekly fashion find it has been cancelled because there are just more important things to post about! Ooops did I just say that? Just um.. ignore what I just siad then, of course I think hollyoaks post are important... Yeah! Also dont forget to vote on whether your a Sor girl or a Tatty girl on the poll, comment or get involved via twitter by tweeting me: @a_k_fashion_b  And now these are all being purchased as you read with this beauty! 

From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. You are invited to my "International Giveaway sponsored by Naked Minerals."


    1. Thankz! I will be sure to have a looksies at that! I do love me some nailpolish! :)
      From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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