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Sunday, 23 June 2013

OMG...My Birthday, and party OMG!!

Guys!! It's my BIRTHDAY!!!! I have got a lot of things that I am great full of and some spending money! Plus I had all my closest friends round for a celebration... okay party! And most of them were your FAV blogger like Amy from The perks of being Amy CaroliNERD  Just turn the page and finally fashion blogger, The girl with the burgundy Converse! I have to thank all my friends for wishing happy birthday and/or attending my birthday party (also for the prezzie's!)! Plus a HUGE thanks to my family for always being there and mum who was the DJ/cooker/BBQ girl! below are the things I got for my birthday and you know now that I did get Converse, of course....! Even google said Happy birthday to me! 

AX paris, £25.00 £11.99 (Thanks mum!) 

Yes, I got these babies for my birthday! Available at:, £49.99 (also from my mother!) 

Ted baker, £39.00 (MUM)

Amazon, £14.99 (Friends) 

(Sour cherry YAH!!) Amazon, £6.95 (The girl with the B C's) 

For Sony Xperia tipo. Amazon, £4.95 (The girl with the B C's)  

Of course, the dress.....! AX paris, £35.00  

The AMAZEBOZ Nook simple touch Glowlight! £109.00 
(My Daddy!) 

Best book ever and I'm only o page 47! I recommend to all readers! (on my nook) Amazon, £4.99 for Kindles and £6.99 for paper back. From my awesome Dad 

Best glasses EVER! I'm gonna be setting a trend this summer! Primark, £2.99 (Mum) 

 I really love this shade of orange! Avon, £6.00

Sorry for the angle of the pic! Dorothy Perkins, £5.00 (Brother who is kindly going to get me a better prezzie but I LOVE this one!) 

Both bracelets from Friends ;) 

 My awesome Skull candy head phone courtesy of my loved Nan! 
On top of them! 

Next up pics from my Birthday BBQ! It was very fun and we all had a great time! I'm glad that all my friends could come and they ALL looked amazing and beautiful in there dresses, not as good as me but who would! Just joking! Enjoy ;)
Here is the pretty and awesome blogger Amy

Here are her earrings from Spain 

MODEL-TIME! Showing of that eye of yours! She does have two by the way 

Photographer: Me! model: The girl with the BC'S ! Drinking her fab cocktail! (It's really diet lemonade but lets imagine for a second or two!) Her dress is from H&M, £15.99 and shoes: Converse! 

Okay me and TGWTBC'S are cockney love's! In disguise of course so she HAD to get this necklace from a Tatty Devine sale! Tatty Devine, £10.00 See my post about tatty Devine here! 

Here is one of my close friends rocking this Karen Millan dress, very nice! Karen Millan, £210.00 (dress) 
(shoes) Primark, £?.??! Picture taken by TGWTBC'S! 

Here is my closie! Her name is Josie and...Um yeah! She was the friend I went to Wales with :) Dress, Desigual Shoes, Dr.Martins These are the best shoes ever! 

Here is the photgrapher in action (By action I mean looking kinda cool on my broken bike! Iggy Azeala style!) 

Finally me, the birthday gal!
And then the party ended! There was a lot of food, fun, laughs, pic and unwanted wrapping paper and card envolopes! I party has to end some day! Everyone went home and hopefully they all had a good time! But I think Amy went home in style if you ask me...

Right!!??!? I hope I get some happy birthday comments! Hope you loved the post.. 

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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