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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Leopard print nails OMG!

You guys should know by now that I absolutely LOVE Avon! There products are amazing quality and have hundreds of shapes and shades! I bought more than I usually do in the previous brochure (Number 10) but who wouldn't with there amazing deals and STAR prices! Here is what I bought!

Avon crazy hair tamer, £1.20 (price in previous brochure, number 10) 

Avon Lash in a Flash mascara, £2.50 (Price in previous brochure number 10) 

Clearskin professional blemish mask treatment perfect for getting rid of annoying spots! 

It's very easy and simple to use with the handy roller ball! Avon, £3.50 (price in previous brochure number 10) 
 And lastly..... Avon care intense lip treatment! This has royal honey jelly in it and really nourishes the lips really well! I think this would be my 4th tube so that means you know its good! And only selling at £0.99 in the previous issue. I also got Avon colour trend eyeshadow in these limited edition shades! £2.00 

Another thing I created with Avon were my brown leopard print nails! Here are the products I used and the steps to create them! 
My brown Avon nail speed dry nail polish! click here to see what my brown Avon nail polish was also used for: 

And Avon nail tip wraps in Pink and Black! 

1. Get your chosen nail polish and paint your nails 
2. Leave to dry 
3. Get your Avon nail tip wrap (or any other nail tip wraps!) ,find the right size for the right nail and apply
4. Once on your nails are dry you may need to get scissors to cut the nail wraps up to size. 
5. Take a pic and of course LOVE! 

Ta dah!!  

From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. Hey, what's the Avon mascara like? I always look at Avon makeup (particularly the mascara) but umm and ahh too much and talk myself out of it! I always hear lots a good reviews about Avon though!

    Blog :

  2. LOVE ur blog by the way! The mascara is AMAZEBOZ and really make your eyelashes look longer (even the bottom eyelashes!) I would recomend the avon mascara to everyone! My fav avon product is the nail polish :)
    From another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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