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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

It's getting hot OMG!

I'm from Britain, well to be more specific I'm from England, London. We don't get a lot of sunshine here. In April we had a snowstorm and around the first of June it was heavy rain, I don't get nice weather, no Londoners do! Which is why when there is some sun I (we!) just freak out and start going on about beaches and bikini's and ice lollies...But we have actually had sun straight for a week and its gonna be staying sunny! 
It's even gonna be sunny for my birthday party which you should all know about by now if you read all my tweets!
I have found stuff that will make you the summer goddess and I hope there is sun where you are! (at least then you
will be able to buy these clothes!!) 

It's true that bloggers love lashes of london because of this!! 

Lashes of London, £40.00 

Boohoo, £15.99 

Mee mee, £12.00 

*bodycon maxi's are really in right now girls!* £18.00, Boohoo 
River island, £18.00
New look, £27.99 

Topshop, £20.00  


 Misguided, £29.99 (the rockin blue trousers not the shoes!)

 Bikini break!

New look, £12.99

£9.99 (New look)
River island :) I really love this mosaic effect.

Misguided, £9.99 loving this pastel green, it's one of my fav colours!
Loving the faded out denim and the bright pink! Topshop, £35.00 

So now you guys have the AMAZEBOZ guide to summer fashion right here! 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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