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Saturday, 29 June 2013

I'm a Sour girl but what are you OMG?!

 Plastic+jewelry= Awesome-ness! This is a battle which has probably gone on for years! But what battle am I talking about you ask? Well I am talking about the battle between Tatty Devine and Sour cherry! They both do amazing jewelry and they are both AMAZING companies so which is better? It is a very hard decision to make but it has to me made (well not really but... Oh well!) Personally I am a sucker for Sour cherry because they have a wider range of stuff and are cheaper too. But Tatty devine also put a lot of hard work into there products and I LOVE there stuff to! So what are you? A Tatty girl or a Sour girl? It's your decision so make it.... 

Geeky girl!

Tatty Devine @ Amazon, £42.00 


Sour Cherry, £4.95

Little birdy 

Sour Cherry, £4.95

V.S  G

Tatty Devine, £25.00 , £20.00 (studs)

Moustache Fever! 
Tatty Devine, £25.00 


Sour cherry, £5.95 ( I got this necky for my birthday from the lovely Girl with the BC 'S! check out the party on her blog: akfbs-party and what else I got on this blog! OMG My Birthday and party OMG )

We all love a bit of leopard... 

Tatty Devine, £25.00 for the cute little leopard ring! I want it.... 


Sour Cherry, £25.00 for the leopard necklace! Nice! 

A bow for...A bow! 
Tatty Devine, £25.00 

 Sour Cherry, £6.95 
So who will it be...? The makers of the "Its raining men necklace"
Sour cherry, £40.00 wow...Thats a lot of men!

 or the makers of the Dinosaur necklace...and the fab personalised necklaces (cockney one and the "akfb" necklace,Tatty Devine £27.50

Tatty Devine, £135.00 "RAW" sorry that just had to be done! 

you decide (well me too!) Make sure you vote on the poll for your fav out of the 2 and the winning brand will be announced with a post all about them!  So please, please, please vote on the poll at the top of each post  or comment on this post! You can also have your say on twitter too... Tatty Devine or Sour Cherry. So as my final question: Are you a Sour girl or a Tatty girl!?

 From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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