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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hollyoaks week 4: Rubys skater skirt and jumper OMG!

First things first guys!! I have... (wait for it!!) 10 followers on twitter!!!! WOOOHOO! Here is just a little shout out to the awesome people that follow me! Wanna follow me to? Then click thos because you know you wanna! FOLLOW LINK: People who follow akfb: ! (I hope you guys know I'm not writting all the names when I get 100 followers right!!LOL!) Now for some Hollyoaks!
Another dramatic Hollyoaks yet again this week! First we have Nancy getting addicted to painkillers then to Ste dealing drugs at the Deli (Oooh a bit of alliteration there!). Then We have Sinead not being able to cope with the baby then going into dealing herself! WOW! Thats quite a lot of drama if i say so myself! Watch the episode to refresh our minds.... (Thursdays 6th June episode)
 I'm really loving the coral jumper and skater skirt! 

Here is her the skirt and now for you to buy: 
PERFECT! New look, £14.99 
 and the jumper ! 


Topshop, £30.00 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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