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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Half-term Holiday, Wales OMG!

Hi guys!!!! I miss you guys so much!!!! And yes I bagged myself an awesome Coke Cola with the names on it! But sadly I couldn't find my name :( but it is there....Some where!! Back to Wales-ness! You will be pleased it was Hot n' Sunny every single day except for Monday where it was rainy, cold and windy! Luckily I wasn't in north Wales were the earthquake hit and I am sorry for those who did get caught up in that scary moment. The weather was great and I done some VERY, VERY cool stuff! I went Canoeing in the sea which very fun and luckily I didn't capsize! I also went swimming in the sea rocking out my cool new wetsuit from... Tesco LOL (okay I admit it was just plane black with a bit of pink, so not exactly fashion show worthy!)! Then my fav thing I did on my holiday was when I went Horse ridding on mountains! I saw some kawaii (Japanese for cute!) sheep and lambs!  The horses were cute and I was ridding a black horse called gypsy! Now please enjoy some pictures from my holiday from the fab campsite to the tanning sea and sun!

 The caravan/ my house for the week! 

 The Gazebo! 

 Teeny weeny peek inside...! LOL! 

 Our view from the campsite! who would revise when the sea was starring them right in the face! ( I REALLY hope my teachers aren't reading this!) 

(This pic was taken on during a peace full walk I did) 

 This was taken on top of a cliff! (OMG I know!!) 

These are the lambs I was talking about :)
And just to let you know, there was some sun bathing involved! I feel very bac not putting any fashion in this post so to be a true fashionista (and proper fashion blogger!) I will add a bit of Lipsy in! Will that satisfy your fashion needs!

 I'm just loving this floral blouse! I love he puffy arms and colours of it! Lipsy, £38.00  £19.00 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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