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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Festival fashion OMG!

Yes it is festival season which means....festival fashion time! Festivals are time to rock your wellies, listen to music, and pinning up your Tresspass tents! In this post you will find out specific clothing items for specific Music Festivals! So.... lets go!

The best music Festival EVER! Which means multi coloured all the way. To make it a bit more subtle add some black boots perfect for treading in sludgy mud!

 (Dress) Lashes of London, £50.00, (Sunglasses), Claire's accessories, £5.00 

(Boots) Just, 28.00

Perfect for Iphone users and Ipod nano lovers! Which means... bright colours to match the bright Ipods! 

Claire's accessories, £9.00 
New look, £34.99

JD sports, £85.00

It's time to get jazzy! With the Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul Music festival! Which I say means Aztec and Maxi! 

AX Paris, £20.00
Or playsuit maybe!  

 Forever 21, £18.75 

It's  time to go to the Farm festival!! But don't worry it's not ACTUALLY about farms, no-no-no it's about music! But in my eye's, a way to show people who is the fashion queen!  

Lashes of  London, £55.00 £38.5 
These babes are £5.00 from Claire's accessories! 

 And if you don't have any tickets to a festival then just wear this: 

 AX paris, £30.00  (Dress) 
Forever 21, £10.45 (Bag) 


New Look, £19.00 

(or you could just wear any of the other stuff, really!) 

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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