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Monday, 10 June 2013

Dip dye tassel shorts OMG!

*Loving you is easy cause your beautiful and every time that-*  Sorry that was just a singing moment! But who wouldn't sing love songs to these DIP DYE SHORTS! And there £24.00 from But thats not all the fab things that your eyes will see! There are many more thing to come (Including more awesome shorts!) PLUS: ClaireaBella satchels and NEON watches! WOW that a lot of AMAZBOZ-ness, sure you can handle it?
 Boohoo, £15.99   

Summer scarf! Forever21, £7.40

AAAH! I, myself am a ClaireaBella lover! And so is the girl with the BC's (Check out her blog here: She was very lucky to get a Claireabella bag for her B-day from me and another friend! (I use mine for shopping day and P.E! LOL!), £99.99 

LOVE IT! Boohoo, £20.00 

I just love this Aztec dip dye effect (Yet another nice design from...) Meemee, £56.00 
NEON-ness! I just love this bright beauty from New Look! Lets bring Neon back! New look, £35.00 

(top) Fade out Aztec...nice! Forever21, £14.95

Everybody needs a tassely jacket! Boohoo, £35.00 

And BAM! the back! Forever21, £22.00 
New look your on fire with the watches thing! New look, ONLY £9.99! 
and there is one more truly amazing thing! If you thought this post couldn't get any better your wrong! It can.... with!  

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know there was one out there but there is! See I know I would prove people wrong! Unicorns do exist! well in onesies anyway! Primark, £12.00 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. Thankz! My fav thing on this post was either the unicorn onesie or the tassel shorts! Whats yours?
    From another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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