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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bracelets and nail wraps OMG!

There are two things that need to be covered in this post! One is festival season (as you know) which means the best of the best festival bracelets and Two nail wraps! The things that are tots in right now beauty world! I don't really talk about beauty and makeup that much and thats a VERY bad thing so I just ...right a little...sticky note *grabs pen and sticky note* and done!! Anyway.. time for some nail wraps from your fav cosmetic brands :) PLUS!!! This is the 50th post! Click here to read the first ever one! 

Rebel nails, £7.99 

 I really love this Aztec design Rebel nails, £7.99

Disco style! Rebel nails, £7.99  

 Another type of aztec nail wrap! Rebel nails, £7.99 

IT IS TIME.... for Festival bracelets!!! 

Pack of 3 from the FAB Claires accessories only £7.00 

  OMG I just loved these gemmed up festival bracelets! New look, £5.99 
Another gem one! Claires, £5.99 

This one is made by Topshop and all of the profit goes to charity. go on you know you wanna help someone out there. Topshop, £2.00 
Give on to your bestie and.. keep the rest for yourself! (Pack of 5) Claires, £5.00 
LOVE IT! 10 out of 10! Claires, £5.00 
I know its a cuff but its still kinda a festival find! Forever 21, £5.65   
From Another kinda fashion blogger x 

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