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Saturday, 18 May 2013

JDRF Swish haulOMG!

SWISH! Dont' ask me what it stands for because even I don't know but all I know is..... there the most AMAZEBOZ events ever! Swishes are when you put old cloths or just clothes you don't like anymore on a rail and of course invite others to do the same too! Everyone dips in a bit of money and brings a couple of tops and maybe a bracelet or two and take/swap! This time my good friend and I were doing it for a special charity, JDRF. There a charity to help raise money for finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. But it was the lovely Fashion detective that held it together (p.s if you wondering why I talk about her alot and see her, don't worry I'm NOT a stalker! She is a friends family member!) so thank her! And we raised £85.00 which is quite good considering there was only a small amount of people there!
To celebrate we all sat down ate some tuna pasta and watched Les' Miserables! But that's not all...... Fashion detective asked us to design a dress for her (P.S I'm with my close friend The girl with the burgundy Converse). She got a D.I.Y dress from (One of my fav shops! Check out fashion detectives post here: Fashion detective's diy-festival-fashion-with-boohoocom.)
Here is what me and The girl with the burgundy Converse created from the plain dress with puffy paint,   studs and a couple of gems!..........

Vwlah!!!! Festival or what! Here are some pics of us working on the master piece! 

LOVING fashion detectives Twiggy cushion!  

I just love it! Now my friend The girl with burgundy converse is a new blogger so to help her out here is the link to her NEW blog all about FASHION n' stuff! Finally one of my friends does a blog about fashion LOL! 
Below are pics of what I bagged from the SWISH! 

 This is a maternity top... is it a good or bad thing that its fits me!

It's Barbie! 

Loving the Alice collar!

 My FAVOURITE one! The NEON AZTEC jumper!!!!!!!

This is why swishes are Awesome!
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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