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Monday, 20 May 2013

British Soap Awards OMG!


I need to start by saying I'm really sorry but I will have to skip last weeks Hollyoaks post! Sorry I just had no time :(. But for sure I will do this weeks! No back on with the show (I mean post!)! The British soap awards where on last night so I have to of course show you the best and worst dresses and the ceremony of the" Best and Worst" will happen again! So lets begin!!! Since its a Soaps award I will call them by there characters name! 

Best dresses 

We have a Eastenders star here wearing this fab yellow playsuit! I love the top piece of it, the pattern is lovely! 

I'm loving this goddess type dress it's really nice! You go girl or should I say goddess! 

I'm just loving this sparkly, cream bodycon! 

"Nancy" you are rocking this red!

 OMG! I just love this dress "Jackie!" Its really nice I love the splits, that aren't to showy unlike your other Holloakys member....... (Will soon be revealed) 

This is just a glorious creation! 

Worst dresses
 The dresses were so bad I was speechless for all of them.....! 

Just like "Cat women's" dress from the Oscars it's robotic-like!

 "Whitney" I love your hair and make-up but the dress has a gothic town affect on me!

 You do know your at an Award show and not a day out to Primark!

"This is the Hollypaks disaster I was talking about!" 
It is time....... *singing to The final countdown song in my head"  

Best and worst dress
goes to... 
Stephanie Waring (Best dress) 
Jessica Wallace(Worst dress) 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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