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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Your day OMG!

Your day!

Your day! by anotherkindafashion featuring shu uemura mascara 
Okay so I know 3 outfits for one day is a bit....Diva but I would so do it if I could! I love these outfits there fab! This was made on the ebsite purly made for fashionistas! I joined today and I'm going a bit crazy with it all so trust me you will be seeing a lot of posts like this soon!
Another amazing thing that happened today (okay I admit not that amazing! think about it not amazing at all, well that being kinda harsh!), sadly earlier on the only thing I truly love with all my heart wardrobe.... but me and my mum put it back and now its better than ever! But some clothes I drawed... (*To draw- to put an item of clothing in your draw instead of hanging up in your wardrobe because of fashion related issues*) and I hung up all my NEW clothes! What do you think?

 Below is the list of where to find these fashion justices's (I know justices's isn't a word but oh well!) 

Mango crop top

Forever 21 tank top

Hudson skinny jeans

Floral jean shorts

Miss Selfridge high heel shoes

Vince camuto

Cross body handbag

Shu uemura mascara 

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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