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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring is here time for a celebration OMG!

On Friday night I went to a lovely restaurant in central london called Del' Aziz. It's a mediterranean/ moroccan themed restaurant with a variety of tasty and taste-bud-parting food with some AMAZEBOZ drinks (Apple and Blueberry booster for me!) I loved it there and I recommend anyone going there! And about 10 minutes away was Tower Bridge! Below are some images of the restaurant:
This is the logo for the restaurant. 
Now for the best pics! 
My main course meal!

My main course meal was chips with LOADS of salt (I'm addicted to salt!) 
YUM!!!!!! A falafal burger with lettuce, tomatoes and very nice white sauce of which I don't know the name of! This is vegetarian and I ate it because I am a peskatarian (Some one who eats fish but not meat) 

Now feast your eyes on some dessert!!  Red Velvet cake, a red dyed sponge with cream cheese and butter cream! My favorite cake EVER! 

OOOH, yum! So that is the end of the food post, now for some clothes talk! 

Hot weather is approaching (well hopefully)! I say this because today was the most sun we have had all year! I'm so excited, it's time to get out my sunglasses and swimming card because England, spring is here.....! Peacocks, beads and aztec are in so lets get are print maxi's on! 

This peacock dress is a summer-time crush! Boohoo, £15.00 
Maxi dresses are my favorite and boohoo are making me happy with this lovely floral maxi, £25.00 
You know me and Coca Cola! Forever21, £12.99 I know its in the FIOTW but I just love it to much! 
This creamy aztec jumper is perfect for a sunny day with some wind ( basically summer in England!) 
This skirt is amazing and is £28.00 from Topshop! It looks like a mini town! 
Festivals to fairs these shorts will rock anywhere! H&M, £12.99

I love this floral crop top for just £5.99 

I LOVE BEADS! So anything with beads MUST be on this blog!!! From Topshop £75.00  

I hope you enjoyed this food and fashion post! Don't forget the competition ends 12:00pm tonight ! Click here for terms and conditions: Competiton OMG! COMPETITION ENDED.
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. Love this blog! :) Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!

    1. Hi! Sure I will have looksies at your blog! But there's one thing I must ask! What is GFC!


Thanks bruh... XD

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