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Monday, 1 April 2013

Pocket Money sales and Nails OMG!

After spending money on choccy eggs and cute but deadly (Money wise anyway!) cuddly toys it's time to get the finer things in life for,wait for it............. a fiver! Now that truly is OMG! These are some goodies I found for £5.00 and under! Now this truly is the good, real deal! I hare when shops say "Less than £5.00" and then you look and everything is £4.99 or more, whoopty-doo!
Just a fiver...... 
This top is from the beloved boohoo and only... £5.00 
This bright crop top is £5.00 from H&M 
Another black and white goody is this top from New look selling at just.... you guessed it £5.00  
This blocked top is £5.00 from Boohoo 
This neon belt is another thing we all want from! 

LESS than a fiver? Impossible!
Just £4.00 from Boohoo 
This crop top is from New look and it's wanting me to go to the beach like right now! PRICE: £4.00 
£4.00 from boohoo (WOW boohoo you are the best!)  

This skirt is from Amazon and is.......... £3.95! 

And just for £5.50 get.....
These are FAB and Matalan is saving us loads of money by these burgundy jeans just for £5.50 :)

This is my first post about nails and I am so excited! My nails were done by the famous Mum!

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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