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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Only 1 day left OMG!

Looks familiar doesn't it!?! I am just warning you that there is just 1 day left to vote!!!! So get clicking!
Yes they are back and now there is only 1 DAY left to vote!!!! If you haven't voted than you better hurry because voting finishes at 11:59 pm tonight! I would love the chance of winning Style blogger of the yar and it would me a lot to me! I know a lot of you have voted already but to those who haven't start clicking these links now!!! If you want to know more about the competition then click here: http://www.companystylebloggerawards2013 info click! 

 I have been nominated, I have asked friends and family and nows its down to my viewers and readers to save me (okay a BIT dramatic!)! CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR ANOTHER KINDA FASHION BLOG: Just get straight to it and vote (click)! 
I hope I do win and even if I get shortlisted that would still be an honour! Please, please, please vote for me in the Company Style Blogger awards 2013! I will and would be so happy! So make my day, make me another kinda happy blogger NOT another very sad blogger :( ! Now to talk shopping! 
I have encountered Lakeside again and below are images of things I bought and sadly loved but could not afford...... 
From H&M
From H&M, Blouses and pastels are in right now especially minty greens! 
Shirt from H&M awesome for a holiday or a trip to a beach (OOh I really want to go to the beach now!!)
Also from New look! isn't it from fabulous!
This biker jacket is £29.99 FROM H&M 
This neon wonder is selling at New look can you see that other dress at the side? time for a zoom in!
Here is the dress we love and have seen before somewhere..... oh wait it was.. 
On this blog! I spotted it and instantally fell in love with it at T.K.maXX! I also saw it in a shop called Solo, the one where I got my GEEK top from ( I told you tell you the name, when I found it out of course.....)                                                                         
These plastic fashion idols were both In New look, which is your fav? 
 This top was just a fiver from new look and is a less stiff version of those swonderful flare tops that have been a fashion craze since the beginning of the fall!
 This top was from Primark and was £5.00

This is the sticker from the top above! 
I love everything and anything that has that old-fashioned comic theme/ fonts on it and so I fell for this £3.00 top also from Primark! 
So there you have it! Loads of clothes and an important message! Again, if you want to vote then click this, there is also a picure on the side bar of the logo for Company style blogger awards right at the top of the blog , click if you wanna vote! 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. mint green is one of my wedding colors! i love that it is everywhere right now. cutest.

    check out my blog and we can be friends:)

  2. Thank you! I will take a looksies at your blog! I love mint green too!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  3. This blog is truly awesome in all aspects. Cambridge Satchel

    1. Thankz! I'll be sure to take a looksies at your website!
      From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  4. I guess this info is totally unique.
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    1. Thank you! I love your blog!
      From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  5. good luck in the competition!!!! love the pieces you chose


  6. Love your blog it's great! Maybe we could follow each other! Thank you! Sadly I didn't get shortlisted for this competiton but there's always next year!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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