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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mums OMG!

I know it's not Mothers day (right?!) but I just wanted to say why Mums are awesome and AMAZEBOZ! Well my Mum anyway! I love my Mum because of these reasons: 
  • She is loving
  • She feeds and looks after me! 
  • She gives me clothes that she thinks are to "young" for her or to small (this is the most important reason!) 
My Mum gave me some awesome stuff that I must show! One of them is a lovely Grey top with multi colored rhinestones....

 I think it gives a rocky sort of vibe! 


The other thing I got from my Mother was a lovely floral, Kimono! Perfect for a nice day on the beach! 

I love it! It's adjustable and is actually meant to be worn over a bikini like a bikini Kimono.
My Mum just got somethings everybody loves! Heeled trainers! I NEED to get myself a pair, I'll just wait until my mum is fed up of these but that might take a VERY long time!

I also know another who has AMAZEBOZ wedged trainers, you might know her as well! It's the blogger behind Just turn the page ( and soon to be famous author (well in mine and her teachers eyes!) ~CaroliNERD! Sorry the pictures aren't really that good but blame ~CaroliNERD (Just joking! LOL!) PLUS....! I have found a fab new shop called and they have done some AMAZEBOZ trainer heels!

Primark, £20.00

I LOVE faded denim! Chioce, £77.20

 I love 'em!
Chioce, £88.59!
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. aw, stahp it!
    <3 thank you unicorn face :)
    Love Always,

  2. Your welcome!
    From another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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