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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

MTV Movie awards 2013 OMG!

Again I am late for the posting of awards and stuff and again I am sorry! I will be showing u the best and worst dresses and other stuff ( Okay its mainly worst and best dress stuff!). I alos have some more exciting news! My cousin, the same author of Bella's beautiful fashion ( has made another NEW blog called Bella the BIG sister. Here is the link to her NEW NEW blog:! Now let the best and worst dress games begin!
Best dresses 
I love this dress it's a nice fit and lovely pattern, it reminds me of the Japanese tunic/dresses they have! Alexandra Daddario, you have done well!
Brittany you have pleased me!  I love this dress and it might just be your name but this really reminds me of snow and winter! Navy and fur always go well and you knew that so you wore this fab dress! 
LOVING THIS 2 PIECE KK! (Karlie Kloss!) It looks so nice and you have the shape just for it! You could of done a bit better on the shoes but............ no one is perfect! 
Snooki I love this glamorous, girly look! Where is all that! I miss the big bouncy curls and sparkly, glitzy dresses! Snooki definitely bring that back and I am proud of her (That is why the pic is on X-large!!)! You rock Snooki!!!! 
Looking fab!! I love this sort of casual yet classy dress! Very sheek! 
Okay I love this until the shoes! But I think the only reason I put this on my blog was because Hayley Williams is the lead singer of my FAV band PARAMORE (woo!)! Plus her hair is AWESOME!!! 

Nice dress but not right shape if you get what I mean! I bit of a showy-offy dress :( But still fab
Worst Dresses 
Chloe this is a denim disaster! I kno denim and dungarees are in but they mean nice denim not, not this! 
  I LOVE this dress ( I know I meant to say that it isn't in the wrong section or whatever!) but whats with the giant cigarette!     
    Anna Camp hasn't done very well fashion-wise this year with this horrible pink and silver collided dress! ( Hah soon I'm gonna have the whole cast of Pitch Perfect on my blog!) 
   Holland Roden this is a definate No-NO!!!                                                                                                                                               
 Ke$ha you are starting to do this on purpose! You are purposely wearing, let's face it UGLY clothes just so you could make me angry, well not anymore! PLUS: *I see london and I see you, I can see your underwear too!*
Have you put a horrible off-orange scarf on your dress? Oh, you haven't! ( Another kinda fashion blogger you should really stop doing this!) oops! 
Must I say anymore! 
Best and worst dresses 
April 2013 
Goes too..... 
Emma Watson (Best dress) 
Zoe Saldana (Worst dress) 

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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