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Friday, 26 April 2013

Hollyoaks: Week 1 Mercedes lace dress OMG!

Hollyoaks was quite dramatic today (and most of this week!)! Now were not stressing about Ester being okay or Doug falling back in love with Ste, we have had to bare with Mercedes and that doctor guy (LOL) getting kidnapped, Leeann having a little kiss with Tex's boyfriend at there Hen/ Engagement/stag do, party, night thin PLUS Tex's (Texas) kiss with her now ex boyfriends brother and Essex character of the show, Dodger! But it all revolves around the hated and also loved character, Mercedes! She is nearly always in the heat of the drama in Hollyoaks like: Getting kidnapped, in love with a murder, Cheating with the dad of fiancĂ©, Pretending to have deadly illness, stabbing herself to frame some one else,  the list goes on! But she always looks fab and especially in todays episode which I have picked for this weeks Hollyoaks post or for short HOP! To recap your fashion-like minds watch the video with this link:

This is the lovely dress Mercedes was seen wearing (in Hollyoaks!) and at front... 

And in detail its a lovely lace bodycon dress!

Now to show you what I have found so you are able to COMPLETELY copy her style!

 Here it is! New look, £24.99

And you can't forget the sunglasses also from New look!
New look, £4.99

Now you can be just like Mercedes, well if you want to be...!
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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