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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bromley, The Glades Haul OMG!

From the post title you have probably guessed I went to the Glades in Bromley (If not I did!) and you probably guessed from the photo that I went shopping, sorry I mean: SHOPPING!!!!!!! I got some cool stuff that I think you will all lurve! Most of the stuff I brought were from the sale and right now H&M are selling a printed t-shirt (They have a HUGE variety!) for just £2.99! Don't mind if I do!!! Here are the pics of the 2 tops I got from H&M :)
Don't you just love it!!! The stripes are great and the pink bow gives it that little touch! This was from the kids section and was selling at just £2.99 
I love this top because it has a sixty's vibe to it! It also reminds me of American baseball! This was also from the kids section and was just £2.00 in the sale! 

The next items are from various shops! 
These are my NEW bootleg jeans, now when I finally get jeans after wearing leggings like all my life plane black leggings are suddenly in and when I was in bromely there was a swarm of girls 11-16 wearing plane black leggings and a crop top (Crop tops- to cold for that!) These jeans were from new look and were on sale for £7.00 
ring any bells? I found a top in New look for £5.00 that looked quite similar! 
and this is the one I bought! soz for the bad quality pic it was the wrong pic! This top was £5.00 from my FAVORITE shop New Look 

I also bought a £4.00 purse from Claire's and it had "another kinda fashion blogger" written ALL over it! 
I guees it not that trendy but it has cartoon food, how much more cool can you get? and inside...... 
Yeah, not as cool but oh well!  and finallly..... 
Some revision!

But the main reason for why me and my mother went to bromely is because we were meaing my grandparent's and we went to a lovely (but e-x-s-p-e-n-s-i-v-e!) restaurant called: Patisserie Valerie 
Sorry for the stain! It was all down to my mums cappuccino
I wish I could just rotate the pic......! 
My Pepsi and Kettle crisps! and the deadly cappuccino that ruined my coaster! 

And these are the pictures of my fav accessories that I wore out! 
 This is my favorite bag and its from Avon
This is a SEKONDA watch I got for Christmas!
and to get home from a lovely but tiyering day I had a nice English, tri-dish meal!
 Bake beans, bread and butter and salty chips!!!

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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