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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Smiley nails OMG!

As you may or may not know Avon is my FAVORITE make-up/beauty brand ever! And lucky for me my Mum is an Avon Repasentative so I can order stuff anytime and all the time! So I did! In the last issue (Number  7) there was a spring sale on all of the nail care stuff and basically all there make-up plus some NEW holiday stuff (don't mind if I do!) So I brought this stuff!

Avon Speed Dry is normally £6.00 pounds but in the last issue was just £2.50 
I love the choolate brown! 
 This is "Rapid Black" Also £2.50! I know you guys are like "But it's just black..." Because I thought that at first but later on this will all make sense......
And lastly this Avon nail decoration tool. 

I am doing an awesome picture on my nails! Since this is my first time drawing on the finger sketchbook or as most people know it nails! And do you know what I'm drawing (okay promise you wont laugh!) Smiley faces! I don't think I'm ever going to be able draw even a Flower but I might as well start from the beginning and draw some lines! So below is what  I used:
 This Yellow Nail Polish was £1.99 from Boots by Sunful Colours. This will be used for the back color.
 The Black Nailpolish from Avon, £2.50. This will be used for the colour of lines/detail!
   Avon Nail art tool,  £1.50 on sale instead £3.00. This will be used for drawing the detail!

  1. Get your yellow nail polish and paint your whole nail that colour (Well you don't have to use yellow only if you want to do the classic smiley! ) 
  2. Wait for it to dry then get your second colour nail polish (like mine, black)  and draw your smiley (or frowns!)  with a nail art tool or even a paint brush! My friends also use other stuff like those really small hair clips! 
Leave to dry, take a pic and admire!  

Okay so they didn't come out that great but... its something! Thinking of buying Avon? I came across a lovely fashion and beauty blog called "oh hey Rachel" and she done a faboulus review of Avon nail polish! Here is the link to her review and I hope you enjoy! ohheythererachel-Avon-nailwear-pro-review.html.  
Now my Avon set is complete (maybe not quite yet!)! 

 From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. Your trial is appreciable.

    1. Thankz! got a blog made by you that I could read and probably LOVE!?!
      From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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