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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pre-Easter post OMG!

Yes a pre-Easter post is a possible thing! I know its only the eve of the eve of Easter eve but I wanted to talk fashion! There are a lot of thing happening at the moment (well kinda!) Made in Chelsea is coming back on! Woohoo  I am really looking forward that and best all Easter holiday!!!!! And do you know what the best part of the Easter holiday is, well there is 3! 1. Eating choccy 2. more blogging time! 3. SHOPPING!! Yes shopping everybody  shopping the greatest feeling and hobby in the whole entire world! But to feel utterly and completely complete you must of course buy clothes within the trend! In this post I gonna be putting choccy and clothes right in your pretty faces! So ready, here comes the good stuff!
Stripes are in so time to get my black and white on!  
This stripey dress is £30.00 from topshop and is SO cute! Anyone could rock this any day! 
this is also a must have and at only £18.75 from one of my favorite shoppes Forever 21 or as you may know it the cheap/better version of topshop! 

Dorothy Perkins happy first time being on my fashion blog day! This stripey wardrobe stocker! 
£30.00 from THE Dorothy Perkins 
I love this pencil skirt! New look, £14.99 

Now to talk CHOCCY! Hotel chocolate are doing some lovely deals and choccy dishes look here for yourself and for extra reasearch at Hotel Chocolate: CHOCCY  below are some pics of chocalate I know you all want to get your hands on! 

Before you let your eyes look upon the yummy chocolate you need to see the ultimate scale! 
My favorite type of CHOCCY!  

Yum the one and only Eton mess Easter egg and only £8.00 with NEXT DAY DELIVERY! 
Hope you enjoyed this pre-Easter special! 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x 


  1. The stripes are amazing! That's the trend for this summer! :)

  2. Thankz! LOVE your blog! you rock stripes and I think you would look fab in any of the stripey things in this post!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  3. I’m flattened for your blogs writings and blogs as well. cambridge satchel company

  4. Thank you so much I really do appreciate the nce comment people have put on my blog, it brings a tear to my eye! LOL!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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