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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nickelodeon kids choice awards OMG!

From everyone to Katy Perry (California gurl!) to Bradley Steven Cooper (Good luck charlie guy!) and many more! I know it happened last night but like a said before, its never to late to talk about fashion (This is sounding a lot like my Oscars post)!!! This is a very fun and fashion-full event so are you ready to see some good dresses and some bad! Forget Jennifer Lawrence terrible dress and Olivia's fabulous red and gold dress its time for a new worst and best dress.
Best dresses
Madison looks fab yet her dress is so simple! Just some green fabric layering here and there and some easy 5 minute sewing! She then made it Amazing with these lovely Aztec, gladiator heals! 

 Victoria this dress is justice! See what I did there,  LOL! This neon, floral print dress is well fitted and amazing! Bit short but oh well!
Stefanie Scott what can I say! I love the coral colour and flare-out-ness the only down side is the shoes (Tut Tut!). 

  Jessica you look fab also with this metallic, flared dress! Normally I would say a big NO to metallic but some times you find the odd nice metallic garment! 
 Okay Katy Perry lovely choice but at a children awards, really? I love the print and the long pencil skirt! It's just the right dress at the wrong place!
Bella you look stylish today! Wow the Nickelodeon awards are making me happy! I love the coral colored shoes and the metallic 2 piece! I guess I don't say a BIG NO to metallic after all!
Worst dresses 
Caroline Sunshine you are NOT bringing me sunshine when sky's are grey! I love the clothes separately but not all together it just clashes!   
This is not working for you Debby! Well to be honest I don't think it would work on anybody! Just sew up the slit of the dress and you could of had the best dress LOL! 
Elizabeth what is up with this outfit? The casting for the black swan is defiantly over!
Willy Wonker, is that you? Oh no! Oops it's Ke$ha! Why Ke$ha, why?!?
Miranda this is just grotesque! What is it? Oh a dress, are you sure?
Selena Gomez not all colours go together! Nude, white and fairy/baby blue do not match just clash!

Now the time has come to announce the BEST and WORST Nickelodeon kids choice awards dress is 2013! It goes to (drum roll please!!!).......... 
Best and worst dress goes to..
Fergie (Best dressed)
 Kristen Stewart (worst dress)


  1. Love these great womens!!! :-)

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    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


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