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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Merry Easter OMG!

Merry Easter, Feliz Pascua, Joyeuses Pâques, and イースター、おめでとう! Have you stuffed your face with choccy! Or bought cute but expensive cuddly toys just because it's Easter! Well don't feel ashamed because we all have! Above are my favorite Easter eggs and I also included my little treats that I also got! Here is a pic of my Thorntan's eggs in detail (ooh Thorntan's, posh tot!) 

This is a dark chocolate egg with strawberry cream flavored chocolate in the center with dark cherrys (YUM!!!!!!) 
 This is a white chocolate egg with milk chocolate bunny! Also By Thorntan's 
They look YUM don't they, trust me they where! So time for a COMPETITION! Yes you read right! This is the first competition on Another kinda fashion blog so get listening for the rules! 
Do you want to feature on this blog! Then here is what to do! 
  • Follow the blog on bloglovin 
  • Email me about a fashion topic you would want to write about and..
  • Email me what you would write in the post!  
  • Remember when I done that post on good Friday and I made my own video, well make a video to go with your post!
  • Finally in the email give me your name, age and what country or city your from!
Once you have done that you just have to wait... I will decide which is the best topic and post (Well soon to be post) and watch your email become into a post on this blog! Email me at:
Lets hope I get some emails remember to liven things up add some photos into the email and remember which ever kinda layout you email me it will appear like that on the blog! So get typing because you are now the author of a soon to be post on Another kinda fashion blog! End date: 14/04/13 COMPETITION NOW CLOSED 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. I got a 1D easter egg. oh yeah. check out my blog!

  2. Hi!Whats the link to your fab blog?
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  3. (BTW, its Carols from school :p)

  4. I know!!! looked at your blog! its really good!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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