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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Let's Dance for Comic Relief OMG!

It is time again for celebrities to embarrass themselves on TV, Boy bands (Normally hot!) and other famous celebs go on the show and of course money being given to the less fortunate (okay I admit I didn't give any last night because I didn't have any money but this week I promise I will!).
 Whats wrong Justin you look Worried?
 Loving the dress or what ever it is..... 

 and of course.... 
1D I'm definatly watching it know!
We love you Zayne!! 
Last night I was watching it with my Gran and Grandad and we were laughing for ages its so funny watching the performances and it was hilarious! Some of the outfits they were wearing! You know who I'm talking about, I'm talking about Vanessa Veltz with her "Not-so-great" Leotard imitating Cher and dancing to her song " If I could turn back time" Who lookes better? Sorry Vanessa Its going to have to be Cher!

  Hey! wait a minute.... I saw that leotard at see.... 

Only £15.99 from 
Another thing that is a must see is Jodie Pregners performance on "Lets Dance For Comic Relief" The amazing and talented singer done a dance routine to "word up by Cameo" The singer didn't look like what she normly does as you can see below... 
NOT normally!
Here is the video of her winning performance! 
There is also more important news fashion wise (of course, Duh!) The NEW Lulu bags! 
 Lulu Guiness as made some fab new bags for Red nose day and every profit they make selling these bags it goes to the Comic relief charity! I love them And I think its a great idea for fashion to raise money for the less fortunate! 
dont forget Red nose day is on 15th of March From Another Kinda fashion blogger x

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