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Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday OMG!

Good Friday is truly GOOD FRIDAY! This post will only be a short one as there was only a little thing I wanted to show. You may not now but the Google Chrome adverts are like my favorite advert (especially the Cambridge satchel one! So I decided I wanted to make my own Google Chrome advert! But It obvoisly wasn't gonna be as cool as the PROPER Google Chrome advert and I didn't even put in any music, but with the help of Magisto I was truly able to make an AMAZEBOZ video just as good as the goole one (well... maybe!) Magisto is an app available on Google play stores and the apple store. I got it on my laptop and am currently downloading it on my phone as we speak! Here is the link to Magisto: Magisto (Movie maker/ editor. Before I show you my Google Chrome advert I will quickly show you my fav Google Chrome advert!
So jogged your memory? should do! Now Sorry for the bad quality of the video, Its like that as I filmed it on my phone! I decided I would do it on how I made my fashion blog its not entirely true but oh well! Hope you enjoy! :) From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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