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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Converse and more OMG!

CONVERSE!!!!! Converse are my fav brand, I absolutely LOVE there shoes!!!! The shoes above are design by ME! You can also design your own Converse right now just click on the link: But back to business! I ma converse crazy! I have 4 pairs of Converse that fit me at the moment and I had to say goodbye to a few (sob, sob) like my all black limited edition converse, my denim with a floral print "mouth" Converse, my navy blue Converse and my first ever ones! Cherry pinky-purple ones! Oh, the good days..... oops sorry guys I'm getting a bit to carried away here!  Anyway enough about the past (*grabs a tissue*) time about the future! I have found some amazing converse everybody will defiantly love! P.S Georgia this Converse special is for you!
These tie die Converse are awesome and are £26.00 from
These Converse are defiantly in right now! The pastel color rocks. £26.99
These converse are from at £72.00. I know there a bit expensive but since they look like this who cares! 
£46.99 at! Woo! These converse are so lush I want them now! 
Another cool shoes from are these sparkly converse for £26.99, Don't mind if I do! 
THESE ARE AWESOME! These are only £50.00 There super woman converse!! but speaking of Female Comic characters......
Look familiar, ring any Converse bells?! Well these are the famous Wonder Woman Converse and guess who found 'em for fifty quid!!!!! 
ME! "Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!" I found them!!! They are available at! Thankz schuh! we all love you! Remember there £50.00! Ha ha Lily who's got/gonna get the Wonder Woman Converse now! 
Below are some snapshot of my Converse from home! 

There is some more exciting and amazing news! 
New look are now doing a prom special and they are producing some HOT STUFF!
For prom dresses there prices are respectable and to be honest quite cheap! This dress is by Chi Chi and is so cute! New look, £54.99
This sparkly warkly WAS £54.99 but NOW is only £24.99, again don't mind if I do!

This lovely dress is £44.99   

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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